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Sondra Rankin Is The New Girl

Sondra Rankin

Sondra's long awaited and much anticipated CD is finally here! Aptly titled "The New Girl" it's country with a touch of pop.... or, as Sondra would say.... pop with fiddle and steel. Enjoy the pictures from the album, and scroll on down for Real Player sound clips.

More About The New Girl

Inside Cover Following an extensive song search, The New Girl was launched on May 31, 2000 during a tracking session in Nashville, TN. A five song demo developed into seven with the later additions of Over My Shoulder and Hearts Beatin' in the Moonlight. Using only the finest session players, and with award winning guitarist, Brent Mason providing guitar overdubs; background vocalists, Chip Davis, Michelle Swift, and Renee Martin worked their own bit of magic, helping to make this CD a work of art. Sondra's vocals are a stand out-- not only does she sing great, she doesn't sound like anybody else, a definite plus! Celebrity photographer Russ Harrington did the photo shoot, and Missingink designed the cover... you've gotta have the best if you want to stand out in the crowd! Next step... start tossing it around on Music Row... It's just a matter of time!                You Go, Girl!!!


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The New Girl

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Photography Russ Harrington
Graphic Design Missingink
Sondra Rankin

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