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Jimmie's Page

I am making this page especially for Jimmie. He goes out of his way to do things for me and I really do appreciate it. All I have to do is mention something I want done and the next thing I know, he's doing it! Nevertheless, he still manages to find the time to go hunting, fishing, and camping. And now that he's retired, he's enjoying a well deserved rest!

Click here for more fun at the lake!



Here is Jim at the lake doing what he likes best. Don't know if the fish were biting or not, but it doesn't matter. He says that being out on the water is the important part. If you catch anything, that's just a bonus. For more fun at the lake, click on the boat!

Workin' Man


Here's Jimmie doing some backhoe work. Well.... he called it work but I think he was really just playing! He seemed to be having a good time, anyway.



And here we have him relaxing out on the patio. I'm sure that he deserved the rest... and the Pepsi that must be setting somewhere nearby!

Like Father, Like Daughter! Couldn't resist adding this pic. Dad and Sondra in the woods deer hunting.
Jim and Sondra hunting

Hunt With Dad



Here is where most people have to go if they are looking for us in the summertime...or spring and fall, too, for that matter...This is one of our favorite spots on the lake. If you look closely you can find me in this photo.

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