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Water Garden

Water Garden


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Our Pond

Our pond got its start two summers ago when Jim put a fence up to keep the neighborhood dogs from chasing the birds away from my feeders. I was out digging flower beds when he began to outline a corner and said, "This is where I'm building my pond." We still have a long way to go before it will be anywhere near finished. For now I'm happy just to watch the fish swimming around and listen to the musical splash of the water as it falls from one level to the next. Is it any wonder that as far as I'm concerned,"There's no place like home?"

Water Garden
Side View

Here is a side view of our pond taken in June. We are still planting, transplanting, and always trying to think of ways to make it look better. I suspect that this year's project will be to light the pond from the inside.

The Pond in Summer
The Pond in Summer

Here is a closer look at the pond taken the end of June. We've added additional rocks this year to try and get less splash, and make it more eye appealing. The plants in the top two levels are a yellow flowering sedum and impatiens. Our pickerel rush grew well enough that this year it has been divided into four separate plants. It was kinda floppy for awhile, but has finally started standing up straight and putting out new leaves.


I have an assortment of goldfish in the pond, and get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them. Just sitting here watching the fish and listening to the water is enough to make anyone feel better.

Front View

The bench is a great place to get up close for a good look. The grandkids love to come out here and "have a picnic with the fishies." They also like to "feed the fishies"...enough to last them a week!

More Pond
More Pond!

Don't the goldfish make the pond look cozy? This is the corner where they always get fed, so as soon as they hear any kind of noise they start heading that way.

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